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Cap. 7. Receiving Notification for Cluster Events


7.1. Configuring SNMP Notifications
7.2. Configuring Email Notifications
7.3. Configuring Notifications via External-Agent
A Pacemaker cluster is an event driven system. In this context, an event is a resource failure or configuration change (not exhaustive).
The ocf:pacemaker:ClusterMon resource can monitor the cluster status and triggers alerts on each cluster event. This resource runs crm_mon in the background at regular intervals (configurable) and uses crm_mon capabilities to send emails (SMTP), SNMP traps or to execute an external program via the extra_options parameter.


Depending on your system settings and compilation settings, SNMP or email alerts might be unavailable. Check crm_mon --help output to see if these options are available to you. In any case, executing an external agent will always be available, and you can have this agent to send emails, SNMP traps, or whatever action you develop.

7.1. Configuring SNMP Notifications

Requires an IP to send SNMP traps to, and a SNMP community. Pacemaker MIB is found in /usr/share/snmp/mibs/PCMK-MIB.txt

Exemplu 7.1. Configuring ClusterMon to send SNMP traps

<clone id="ClusterMon-clone">
    <primitive class="ocf" id="ClusterMon-SNMP" provider="pacemaker" type="ClusterMon">
        <instance_attributes id="ClusterMon-instance_attributes">
            <nvpair id="ClusterMon-instance_attributes-user" name="user" value="root"/>
            <nvpair id="ClusterMon-instance_attributes-update" name="update" value="30"/>
            <nvpair id="ClusterMon-instance_attributes-extra_options" name="extra_options" value="-S -C public"/>