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7.2. Configuring Email Notifications

Requires the recipient e-mail address. You can also optionally configure the sender e-mail address, the hostname of the SMTP relay, and a prefix string for the subject line.

Example 7.2. Configuring ClusterMon to send email alerts

<clone id="ClusterMon-clone">
    <primitive class="ocf" id="ClusterMon-SMTP" provider="pacemaker" type="ClusterMon">
        <instance_attributes id="ClusterMon-instance_attributes">
            <nvpair id="ClusterMon-instance_attributes-user" name="user" value="root"/>
            <nvpair id="ClusterMon-instance_attributes-update" name="update" value="30"/>
            <nvpair id="ClusterMon-instance_attributes-extra_options" name="extra_options" value="-T -F -P PACEMAKER -H"/>