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Chapter 7. Alerts

Table of Contents

7.1. Alert Agents
7.2. Alert Recipients
7.3. Alert Meta-Attributes
7.4. Alert Instance Attributes
7.5. Alert Filters
7.6. Using the Sample Alert Agents
7.7. Writing an Alert Agent
Alerts (available since Pacemaker 1.1.15) may be configured to take some external action when a cluster event occurs (node failure, resource starting or stopping, etc.).

7.1. Alert Agents

As with resource agents, the cluster calls an external program (an alert agent) to handle alerts. The cluster passes information about the event to the agent via environment variables. Agents can do anything desired with this information (send an e-mail, log to a file, update a monitoring system, etc.).

Example 7.1. Simple alert configuration

        <alert id="my-alert" path="/path/to/" />

In the example above, the cluster will call for each event.
Multiple alert agents may be configured; the cluster will call all of them for each event.
Alert agents will be called only on cluster nodes. They will be called for events involving Pacemaker Remote nodes, but they will never be called on those nodes.