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Chapter 7. Replicated Storage with DRBD

Table of Contents

7.1. Background
7.2. Install the DRBD Packages
7.3. Configure DRBD
7.3.1. Create A Partition for DRBD
7.3.2. Write the DRBD Config
7.3.3. Initialize and Load DRBD
7.3.4. Populate DRBD with Data
7.4. Configure the Cluster for DRBD
7.4.1. Testing Migration

7.1. Background

Even if you’re serving up static websites, having to manually synchronize the contents of that website to all the machines in the cluster is not ideal. For dynamic websites, such as a wiki, it’s not even an option. Not everyone care afford network-attached storage but somehow the data needs to be kept in sync. Enter DRBD which can be thought of as network based RAID-1. See for more details.