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Where to Start

If you're new to Pacemaker or clustering in general, the best place to start is the Clusters from Scratch guide. This document walks you step-by-step through the installation and configuration of a High Availability cluster with Pacemaker. It even makes the common configuration mistakes so that it can demonstrate how to fix them.

On the otherhand, if you're looking for an exhaustive reference of all Pacemaker's options and features, try Pacemaker Explained. It's dry, but should have the answers you're looking for.

There is also a project wiki with plenty of examples and howto guides which the wider community is encouraged to update and add to.

Unversioned documentation

General Concepts

Ordering Explained [pdf] [print]
Colocation Explained [pdf] [print]
Configuring Fencing with crmsh [html]
ACL Guide [html]

Versioned documentation

Pacemaker 1.0 for Corosync 1.x

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Clusters from Scratch (en-US) [pdf]
Pacemaker Explained (en-US) [epub] [pdf] [pdf] [html] [html-single]

Pacemaker 1.1 for Corosync 2.x

Requires Corosync 2.x
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Clusters from Scratch (en-US) [epub] [pdf] [html] [html-single]
Pacemaker Development (en-US) [epub] [pdf] [html] [html-single]
Pacemaker Explained (en-US) [epub] [pdf] [html] [html-single]
Pacemaker Remote (en-US) [epub] [pdf] [html] [html-single]

Pacemaker 1.1 for CMAN or Corosync 1.x

The last version featuring Corosync 1.x, the Pacemaker plugins and CMAN
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Clusters from Scratch (en-US) [epub] [pdf] [html] [html-single]
Pacemaker Explained (en-US) [epub] [pdf] [html] [html-single]

Deprecated Documentation

Pacemaker 1.0 with OpenAIS

Clusters from Scratch - Pacemaker 1.0 & GFS2 [pdf]
Clusters from Scratch - Pacemaker 1.0 & OCFS2 [pdf]