pacemaker  2.0.4-2deceaa
Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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Todo List
Global lrmd_api_operations_s::get_metadata )(lrmd_t *lrmd, const char *standard, const char *provider, const char *agent, char **output, enum lrmd_call_options options)
Add a metadata call to the executor API and let the server handle this.
Global stonith__rhcs_metadata (const char *agent, int timeout, char **output)
timeout is currently ignored; shouldn't we use it?
Global stonith_api_operations_s::register_callback )(stonith_t *st, int call_id, int timeout, int options, void *userdata, const char *callback_name, void(*callback)(stonith_t *st, stonith_callback_data_t *data))
This function should return pcmk_ok on success, and call_id when negative, but that would break backward compatibility.