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Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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Data Fields
pe_working_set_s Struct Reference

#include <include/crm/pengine/pe_types.h>

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Data Fields

xmlNode * input
char * dc_uuid
const char * stonith_action
const char * placement_strategy
unsigned long long flags
int stonith_timeout
enum pe_quorum_policy no_quorum_policy
GHashTable * config_hash
GHashTable * tickets
GHashTable * singletons
GListPtr nodes
GListPtr resources
GListPtr placement_constraints
GListPtr ordering_constraints
GListPtr colocation_constraints
GListPtr ticket_constraints
GListPtr actions
xmlNode * failed
xmlNode * op_defaults
xmlNode * rsc_defaults
int num_synapse
int max_valid_nodes
int order_id
 Deprecated (will be removed in a future release) More...
int action_id
xmlNode * graph
GHashTable * template_rsc_sets
const char * localhost
GHashTable * tags
int blocked_resources
int disabled_resources
GList * param_check
GList * stop_needed
time_t recheck_by
int ninstances
guint shutdown_lock
int priority_fencing_delay

Detailed Description

Definition at line 125 of file pe_types.h.

Field Documentation

int pe_working_set_s::action_id

Definition at line 162 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_working_set_s::actions

Definition at line 153 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_working_set_s::blocked_resources

Definition at line 171 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_working_set_s::colocation_constraints

Definition at line 150 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_working_set_s::config_hash

Definition at line 140 of file pe_types.h.

pe_node_t* pe_working_set_s::dc_node

Definition at line 131 of file pe_types.h.

char* pe_working_set_s::dc_uuid

Definition at line 130 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_working_set_s::disabled_resources

Definition at line 172 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_working_set_s::failed

Definition at line 154 of file pe_types.h.

unsigned long long pe_working_set_s::flags

Definition at line 135 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_working_set_s::graph

Definition at line 165 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_working_set_s::input

Definition at line 126 of file pe_types.h.

const char* pe_working_set_s::localhost

Definition at line 168 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_working_set_s::max_valid_nodes

Definition at line 160 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_working_set_s::ninstances

Definition at line 177 of file pe_types.h.

enum pe_quorum_policy pe_working_set_s::no_quorum_policy

Definition at line 138 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_working_set_s::nodes

Definition at line 146 of file pe_types.h.

crm_time_t* pe_working_set_s::now

Definition at line 127 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_working_set_s::num_synapse

Definition at line 159 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_working_set_s::op_defaults

Definition at line 155 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_working_set_s::order_id

Deprecated (will be removed in a future release)

Definition at line 161 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_working_set_s::ordering_constraints

Definition at line 149 of file pe_types.h.

GList* pe_working_set_s::param_check

Definition at line 174 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_working_set_s::placement_constraints

Definition at line 148 of file pe_types.h.

const char* pe_working_set_s::placement_strategy

Definition at line 133 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_working_set_s::priority_fencing_delay

Definition at line 179 of file pe_types.h.

time_t pe_working_set_s::recheck_by

Definition at line 176 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_working_set_s::resources

Definition at line 147 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_working_set_s::rsc_defaults

Definition at line 156 of file pe_types.h.

guint pe_working_set_s::shutdown_lock

Definition at line 178 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_working_set_s::singletons

Definition at line 144 of file pe_types.h.

const char* pe_working_set_s::stonith_action

Definition at line 132 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_working_set_s::stonith_timeout

Definition at line 137 of file pe_types.h.

GList* pe_working_set_s::stop_needed

Definition at line 175 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_working_set_s::tags

Definition at line 169 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_working_set_s::template_rsc_sets

Definition at line 167 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_working_set_s::ticket_constraints

Definition at line 151 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_working_set_s::tickets

Definition at line 141 of file pe_types.h.

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