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Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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Data Fields
pe_node_shared_s Struct Reference

#include <include/crm/pengine/pe_types.h>

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Data Fields

const char * id
const char * uname
enum node_type type
gboolean online
gboolean standby
gboolean standby_onfail
gboolean pending
gboolean unclean
gboolean unseen
gboolean shutdown
gboolean expected_up
gboolean is_dc
gboolean maintenance
gboolean rsc_discovery_enabled
gboolean remote_requires_reset
gboolean remote_was_fenced
gboolean remote_maintenance
gboolean unpacked
int num_resources
GListPtr running_rsc
GListPtr allocated_rsc
GHashTable * attrs
GHashTable * utilization
GHashTable * digest_cache
 cache of calculated resource digests More...
int priority

Detailed Description

Definition at line 194 of file pe_types.h.

Field Documentation

GListPtr pe_node_shared_s::allocated_rsc

Definition at line 219 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_node_shared_s::attrs

Definition at line 221 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_node_shared_s::digest_cache

cache of calculated resource digests

Definition at line 223 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::expected_up

Definition at line 207 of file pe_types.h.

const char* pe_node_shared_s::id

Definition at line 195 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::is_dc

Definition at line 208 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::maintenance

Definition at line 209 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_node_shared_s::num_resources

Definition at line 216 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::online

Definition at line 200 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::pending

Definition at line 203 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_node_shared_s::priority

Definition at line 224 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::remote_maintenance

Definition at line 213 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::remote_requires_reset

Definition at line 211 of file pe_types.h.

pe_resource_t* pe_node_shared_s::remote_rsc

Definition at line 217 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::remote_was_fenced

Definition at line 212 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::rsc_discovery_enabled

Definition at line 210 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_node_shared_s::running_rsc

Definition at line 218 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::shutdown

Definition at line 206 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::standby

Definition at line 201 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::standby_onfail

Definition at line 202 of file pe_types.h.

enum node_type pe_node_shared_s::type

Definition at line 197 of file pe_types.h.

const char* pe_node_shared_s::uname

Definition at line 196 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::unclean

Definition at line 204 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::unpacked

Definition at line 214 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_node_shared_s::unseen

Definition at line 205 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_node_shared_s::utilization

Definition at line 222 of file pe_types.h.

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