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Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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Data Fields
pe_action_s Struct Reference

#include <include/crm/pengine/pe_types.h>

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Data Fields

int id
int priority
xmlNode * op_entry
char * task
char * uuid
char * cancel_task
char * reason
enum pe_action_flags flags
enum rsc_start_requirement needs
enum action_fail_response on_fail
enum rsc_role_e fail_role
GHashTable * meta
GHashTable * extra
int runnable_before
int required_runnable_before
GListPtr actions_before
GListPtr actions_after
void * action_details

Detailed Description

Definition at line 384 of file pe_types.h.

Field Documentation

void* pe_action_s::action_details

Definition at line 431 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_action_s::actions_after

Definition at line 426 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_action_s::actions_before

Definition at line 425 of file pe_types.h.

char* pe_action_s::cancel_task

Definition at line 394 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_action_s::extra

Definition at line 403 of file pe_types.h.

enum rsc_role_e pe_action_s::fail_role

Definition at line 400 of file pe_types.h.

enum pe_action_flags pe_action_s::flags

Definition at line 397 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_action_s::id

Definition at line 385 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_action_s::meta

Definition at line 402 of file pe_types.h.

enum rsc_start_requirement pe_action_s::needs

Definition at line 398 of file pe_types.h.

pe_node_t* pe_action_s::node

Definition at line 389 of file pe_types.h.

enum action_fail_response pe_action_s::on_fail

Definition at line 399 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_action_s::op_entry

Definition at line 390 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_action_s::priority

Definition at line 386 of file pe_types.h.

char* pe_action_s::reason

Definition at line 395 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_action_s::required_runnable_before

Definition at line 423 of file pe_types.h.

pe_resource_t* pe_action_s::rsc

Definition at line 388 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_action_s::runnable_before

Definition at line 420 of file pe_types.h.

char* pe_action_s::task

Definition at line 392 of file pe_types.h.

char* pe_action_s::uuid

Definition at line 393 of file pe_types.h.

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