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Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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Data Fields
lrmd_event_data_s Struct Reference

#include <include/crm/lrmd.h>

Data Fields

enum lrmd_callback_event type
const char * rsc_id
const char * op_type
const char * user_data
int call_id
int timeout
guint interval_ms
int start_delay
int rsc_deleted
enum ocf_exitcode rc
int op_status
const char * output
unsigned int t_run
unsigned int t_rcchange
unsigned int exec_time
unsigned int queue_time
int connection_rc
void * params
const char * remote_nodename
const char * exit_reason

Detailed Description

Definition at line 198 of file lrmd.h.

Field Documentation

int lrmd_event_data_s::call_id

The client api call id associated with this event

Definition at line 210 of file lrmd.h.

int lrmd_event_data_s::connection_rc

int connection result. Used for connection and poke events

Definition at line 236 of file lrmd.h.

unsigned int lrmd_event_data_s::exec_time

Time in length op took to execute

Definition at line 231 of file lrmd.h.

const char* lrmd_event_data_s::exit_reason

exit failure reason string from resource agent operation

Definition at line 248 of file lrmd.h.

guint lrmd_event_data_s::interval_ms

The operation's recurring interval in ms.

Definition at line 214 of file lrmd.h.

int lrmd_event_data_s::op_status

The executor status returned for exec_complete events

Definition at line 223 of file lrmd.h.

const char* lrmd_event_data_s::op_type

The action performed, start, stop, monitor...

Definition at line 205 of file lrmd.h.

const char* lrmd_event_data_s::output

stdout from resource agent operation

Definition at line 225 of file lrmd.h.

void* lrmd_event_data_s::params

Definition at line 240 of file lrmd.h.

unsigned int lrmd_event_data_s::queue_time

Time in length spent in queue

Definition at line 233 of file lrmd.h.

enum ocf_exitcode lrmd_event_data_s::rc

The executed ra return code mapped to OCF

Definition at line 221 of file lrmd.h.

const char* lrmd_event_data_s::remote_nodename

client node name associated with this connection (used to match actions to the proper client when there are multiple)

Definition at line 245 of file lrmd.h.

int lrmd_event_data_s::rsc_deleted

This operation that just completed is on a deleted rsc.

Definition at line 218 of file lrmd.h.

const char* lrmd_event_data_s::rsc_id

The resource this event occurred on.

Definition at line 203 of file lrmd.h.

int lrmd_event_data_s::start_delay

The operation's start delay value in ms.

Definition at line 216 of file lrmd.h.

unsigned int lrmd_event_data_s::t_rcchange

Timestamp of last rc change

Definition at line 229 of file lrmd.h.

unsigned int lrmd_event_data_s::t_run

Timestamp of when op ran

Definition at line 227 of file lrmd.h.

int lrmd_event_data_s::timeout

The operation's timeout period in ms.

Definition at line 212 of file lrmd.h.

enum lrmd_callback_event lrmd_event_data_s::type

Type of event, register, unregister, call_completed...

Definition at line 200 of file lrmd.h.

const char* lrmd_event_data_s::user_data

The user data passed by caller of exec() API function

Definition at line 207 of file lrmd.h.

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