pacemaker  2.0.2-debe490
Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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systemd.c File Reference
#include <crm_internal.h>
#include <crm/crm.h>
#include <crm/services.h>
#include <crm/common/mainloop.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <gio/gio.h>
#include <services_private.h>
#include <systemd.h>
#include <dbus/dbus.h>
#include <pcmk-dbus.h>
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#define BUS_NAME   "org.freedesktop.systemd1"
#define BUS_NAME_MANAGER   BUS_NAME ".Manager"
#define BUS_NAME_UNIT   BUS_NAME ".Unit"
#define BUS_PATH   "/org/freedesktop/systemd1"
#define SYSTEMD_OVERRIDE_ROOT   "/run/systemd/system/"


gboolean systemd_unit_exec_with_unit (svc_action_t *op, const char *unit)
void systemd_cleanup (void)
GList * systemd_unit_listall (void)
gboolean systemd_unit_exists (const char *name)
gboolean systemd_unit_exec (svc_action_t *op)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BUS_NAME   "org.freedesktop.systemd1"

Definition at line 24 of file systemd.c.

#define BUS_NAME_MANAGER   BUS_NAME ".Manager"

Definition at line 25 of file systemd.c.

#define BUS_NAME_UNIT   BUS_NAME ".Unit"

Definition at line 26 of file systemd.c.

#define BUS_PATH   "/org/freedesktop/systemd1"

Definition at line 27 of file systemd.c.

#define SYSTEMD_OVERRIDE_ROOT   "/run/systemd/system/"

Definition at line 568 of file systemd.c.

"[Unit]\n" \
"Description=Cluster Controlled %s\n" \
"Before=pacemaker.service pacemaker_remote.service\n" \
"\n" \
"[Service]\n" \

Definition at line 579 of file systemd.c.

Function Documentation

void systemd_cleanup ( void  )

Definition at line 137 of file systemd.c.

gboolean systemd_unit_exec ( svc_action_t op)

Definition at line 800 of file systemd.c.

gboolean systemd_unit_exec_with_unit ( svc_action_t op,
const char *  unit 

Definition at line 693 of file systemd.c.

gboolean systemd_unit_exists ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 461 of file systemd.c.

GList* systemd_unit_listall ( void  )

Definition at line 364 of file systemd.c.