pacemaker  2.0.2-debe490
Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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Data Fields
pe_resource_s Struct Reference

#include <include/crm/pengine/pe_types.h>

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Data Fields

char * id
char * clone_name
xmlNode * xml
xmlNode * orig_xml
xmlNode * ops_xml
enum pe_obj_types variant
void * variant_opaque
enum rsc_recovery_type recovery_type
enum pe_restart restart_type
int priority
int stickiness
int sort_index
int failure_timeout
int migration_threshold
guint remote_reconnect_ms
char * pending_task
unsigned long long flags
gboolean is_remote_node
gboolean exclusive_discover
GListPtr running_on
GHashTable * known_on
GHashTable * allowed_nodes
enum rsc_role_e role
enum rsc_role_e next_role
GHashTable * meta
GHashTable * parameters
GHashTable * utilization
GListPtr children
GListPtr dangling_migrations
GListPtr fillers
GListPtr rsc_cons_lhs
GListPtr rsc_cons
GListPtr rsc_location
GListPtr actions
GListPtr rsc_tickets

Detailed Description

Definition at line 283 of file pe_types.h.

Field Documentation

GListPtr pe_resource_s::actions

This field should be treated as internal to Pacemaker

Definition at line 322 of file pe_types.h.

pe_node_t* pe_resource_s::allocated_to

Definition at line 326 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_resource_s::allowed_nodes

Definition at line 331 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_resource_s::children

Definition at line 340 of file pe_types.h.

char* pe_resource_s::clone_name

Definition at line 285 of file pe_types.h.

pe_working_set_t* pe_resource_s::cluster

Definition at line 290 of file pe_types.h.

resource_alloc_functions_t* pe_resource_s::cmds

Definition at line 296 of file pe_types.h.

pe_resource_t* pe_resource_s::container

Definition at line 343 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_resource_s::dangling_migrations

Definition at line 341 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_resource_s::exclusive_discover

Definition at line 315 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_resource_s::failure_timeout

Definition at line 306 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_resource_s::fillers

Definition at line 344 of file pe_types.h.

unsigned long long pe_resource_s::flags

Definition at line 311 of file pe_types.h.

resource_object_functions_t* pe_resource_s::fns

Definition at line 295 of file pe_types.h.

char* pe_resource_s::id

Definition at line 284 of file pe_types.h.

gboolean pe_resource_s::is_remote_node

Definition at line 314 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_resource_s::known_on

Definition at line 330 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_resource_s::meta

Definition at line 336 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_resource_s::migration_threshold

Definition at line 307 of file pe_types.h.

enum rsc_role_e pe_resource_s::next_role

Definition at line 334 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_resource_s::ops_xml

Definition at line 288 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_resource_s::orig_xml

Definition at line 287 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_resource_s::parameters

Definition at line 337 of file pe_types.h.

pe_resource_t* pe_resource_s::parent

Definition at line 291 of file pe_types.h.

pe_node_t* pe_resource_s::partial_migration_source

Definition at line 328 of file pe_types.h.

pe_node_t* pe_resource_s::partial_migration_target

Definition at line 327 of file pe_types.h.

pe_node_t* pe_resource_s::pending_node

Definition at line 346 of file pe_types.h.

char* pe_resource_s::pending_task

Definition at line 309 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_resource_s::priority

Definition at line 303 of file pe_types.h.

enum rsc_recovery_type pe_resource_s::recovery_type

Definition at line 298 of file pe_types.h.

guint pe_resource_s::remote_reconnect_ms

Definition at line 308 of file pe_types.h.

enum pe_restart pe_resource_s::restart_type
will be removed in future release

Definition at line 301 of file pe_types.h.

enum rsc_role_e pe_resource_s::role

Definition at line 333 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_resource_s::rsc_cons

This field should be treated as internal to Pacemaker

Definition at line 320 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_resource_s::rsc_cons_lhs

This field should be treated as internal to Pacemaker

Definition at line 319 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_resource_s::rsc_location

This field should be treated as internal to Pacemaker

Definition at line 321 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_resource_s::rsc_tickets

This field should be treated as internal to Pacemaker

Definition at line 323 of file pe_types.h.

GListPtr pe_resource_s::running_on

Definition at line 329 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_resource_s::sort_index

Definition at line 305 of file pe_types.h.

int pe_resource_s::stickiness

Definition at line 304 of file pe_types.h.

GHashTable* pe_resource_s::utilization

Definition at line 338 of file pe_types.h.

enum pe_obj_types pe_resource_s::variant

Definition at line 293 of file pe_types.h.

void* pe_resource_s::variant_opaque

Definition at line 294 of file pe_types.h.

xmlNode* pe_resource_s::xml

Definition at line 286 of file pe_types.h.

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