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Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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Data Fields
crm_client_s Struct Reference

#include <include/crm/common/ipcs.h>

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Data Fields

uint pid
uid_t uid
gid_t gid
char * id
char * name
char * user
long long options
int request_id
uint32_t flags
void * userdata
int event_timer
GQueue * event_queue
enum client_type kind
qb_ipcs_connection_t * ipcs
struct crm_remote_sremote
unsigned int queue_backlog
unsigned int queue_max

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file ipcs.h.

Field Documentation

GQueue* crm_client_s::event_queue

Definition at line 82 of file ipcs.h.

int crm_client_s::event_timer

Definition at line 81 of file ipcs.h.

uint32_t crm_client_s::flags

Definition at line 78 of file ipcs.h.

gid_t crm_client_s::gid

Definition at line 67 of file ipcs.h.

char* crm_client_s::id

Definition at line 69 of file ipcs.h.

qb_ipcs_connection_t* crm_client_s::ipcs

Definition at line 89 of file ipcs.h.

enum client_type crm_client_s::kind

Definition at line 87 of file ipcs.h.

char* crm_client_s::name

Definition at line 70 of file ipcs.h.

long long crm_client_s::options

Definition at line 75 of file ipcs.h.

uint crm_client_s::pid

Definition at line 64 of file ipcs.h.

unsigned int crm_client_s::queue_backlog

Definition at line 93 of file ipcs.h.

unsigned int crm_client_s::queue_max

Definition at line 94 of file ipcs.h.

struct crm_remote_s* crm_client_s::remote

Definition at line 91 of file ipcs.h.

int crm_client_s::request_id

Definition at line 77 of file ipcs.h.

uid_t crm_client_s::uid

Definition at line 66 of file ipcs.h.

char* crm_client_s::user

Definition at line 71 of file ipcs.h.

void* crm_client_s::userdata

Definition at line 79 of file ipcs.h.

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