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Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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rules_internal.h File Reference
#include <glib.h>
#include <libxml/tree.h>
#include <crm/common/iso8601.h>
#include <crm/pengine/common.h>
#include <crm/pengine/rules.h>
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enum  pe_eval_date_result_t {
  pe_date_before_range, pe_date_within_range, pe_date_after_range, pe_date_result_undetermined,
  pe_date_op_satisfied, pe_date_op_unsatisfied


GListPtr pe_unpack_alerts (xmlNode *alerts)
void pe_free_alert_list (GListPtr alert_list)
crm_time_tpe_parse_xml_duration (crm_time_t *start, xmlNode *duration_spec)
pe_eval_date_result_t pe_eval_date_expression (xmlNode *time_expr, crm_time_t *now)
gboolean pe_test_date_expression (xmlNode *time_expr, crm_time_t *now)
gboolean pe_cron_range_satisfied (crm_time_t *now, xmlNode *cron_spec)
gboolean pe_test_attr_expression (xmlNode *expr, GHashTable *hash, crm_time_t *now)
gboolean pe_test_attr_expression_full (xmlNode *expr, GHashTable *hash, crm_time_t *now, pe_match_data_t *match_data)
gboolean pe_test_role_expression (xmlNode *expr, enum rsc_role_e role, crm_time_t *now)

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Definition at line 19 of file rules_internal.h.

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gboolean pe_cron_range_satisfied ( crm_time_t now,
xmlNode *  cron_spec 

Definition at line 505 of file rules.c.

pe_eval_date_result_t pe_eval_date_expression ( xmlNode *  time_expr,
crm_time_t now 

Definition at line 595 of file rules.c.

void pe_free_alert_list ( GListPtr  alert_list)

Definition at line 244 of file rules_alerts.c.

crm_time_t* pe_parse_xml_duration ( crm_time_t start,
xmlNode *  duration_spec 

Definition at line 553 of file rules.c.

gboolean pe_test_attr_expression ( xmlNode *  expr,
GHashTable *  hash,
crm_time_t now 

Definition at line 259 of file rules.c.

gboolean pe_test_attr_expression_full ( xmlNode *  expr,
GHashTable *  hash,
crm_time_t now,
pe_match_data_t match_data 

Definition at line 265 of file rules.c.

gboolean pe_test_date_expression ( xmlNode *  time_expr,
crm_time_t now 

Definition at line 573 of file rules.c.

gboolean pe_test_role_expression ( xmlNode *  expr,
enum rsc_role_e  role,
crm_time_t now 

Definition at line 218 of file rules.c.

GListPtr pe_unpack_alerts ( xmlNode *  alerts)

Definition at line 175 of file rules_alerts.c.