pacemaker  2.0.2-debe490
Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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pcmki_sched_transition.h File Reference
#include <crm/cib.h>
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void modify_configuration (pe_working_set_t *data_set, cib_t *cib, const char *quorum, const char *watchdog, GListPtr node_up, GListPtr node_down, GListPtr node_fail, GListPtr op_inject, GListPtr ticket_grant, GListPtr ticket_revoke, GListPtr ticket_standby, GListPtr ticket_activate)
int run_simulation (pe_working_set_t *data_set, cib_t *cib, GListPtr op_fail_list, bool quiet)

Function Documentation

void modify_configuration ( pe_working_set_t data_set,
cib_t cib,
const char *  quorum,
const char *  watchdog,
GListPtr  node_up,
GListPtr  node_down,
GListPtr  node_fail,
GListPtr  op_inject,
GListPtr  ticket_grant,
GListPtr  ticket_revoke,
GListPtr  ticket_standby,
GListPtr  ticket_activate 

Definition at line 406 of file pcmk_sched_transition.c.

int run_simulation ( pe_working_set_t data_set,
cib_t cib,
GListPtr  op_fail_list,
bool  quiet 

Definition at line 811 of file pcmk_sched_transition.c.