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Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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dbus.c File Reference
#include <crm_internal.h>
#include <crm/crm.h>
#include <crm/services.h>
#include <dbus/dbus.h>
#include <pcmk-dbus.h>
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#define BUS_PROPERTY_IFACE   "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties"


DBusConnection * pcmk_dbus_connect (void)
void pcmk_dbus_disconnect (DBusConnection *connection)
bool pcmk_dbus_find_error (DBusPendingCall *pending, DBusMessage *reply, DBusError *ret)
DBusMessage * pcmk_dbus_send_recv (DBusMessage *msg, DBusConnection *connection, DBusError *error, int timeout)
DBusPendingCall * pcmk_dbus_send (DBusMessage *msg, DBusConnection *connection, void(*done)(DBusPendingCall *pending, void *user_data), void *user_data, int timeout)
bool pcmk_dbus_type_check (DBusMessage *msg, DBusMessageIter *field, int expected, const char *function, int line)
char * pcmk_dbus_get_property (DBusConnection *connection, const char *target, const char *obj, const gchar *iface, const char *name, void(*callback)(const char *name, const char *value, void *userdata), void *userdata, DBusPendingCall **pending, int timeout)
void pcmk_dbus_connection_setup_with_select (DBusConnection *c)


struct mainloop_fd_callbacks pcmk_dbus_cb

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BUS_PROPERTY_IFACE   "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties"

Definition at line 14 of file dbus.c.

Function Documentation

DBusConnection* pcmk_dbus_connect ( void  )

Definition at line 36 of file dbus.c.

void pcmk_dbus_connection_setup_with_select ( DBusConnection *  c)

Definition at line 654 of file dbus.c.

void pcmk_dbus_disconnect ( DBusConnection *  connection)

Definition at line 55 of file dbus.c.

bool pcmk_dbus_find_error ( DBusPendingCall *  pending,
DBusMessage *  reply,
DBusError *  ret 

Definition at line 76 of file dbus.c.

char* pcmk_dbus_get_property ( DBusConnection *  connection,
const char *  target,
const char *  obj,
const gchar *  iface,
const char *  name,
void(*)(const char *name, const char *value, void *userdata)  callback,
void *  userdata,
DBusPendingCall **  pending,
int  timeout 

Definition at line 408 of file dbus.c.

DBusPendingCall* pcmk_dbus_send ( DBusMessage *  msg,
DBusConnection *  connection,
void(*)(DBusPendingCall *pending, void *user_data)  done,
void *  user_data,
int  timeout 

Definition at line 223 of file dbus.c.

DBusMessage* pcmk_dbus_send_recv ( DBusMessage *  msg,
DBusConnection *  connection,
DBusError *  error,
int  timeout 

Definition at line 159 of file dbus.c.

bool pcmk_dbus_type_check ( DBusMessage *  msg,
DBusMessageIter *  field,
int  expected,
const char *  function,
int  line 

Definition at line 270 of file dbus.c.

Variable Documentation

struct mainloop_fd_callbacks pcmk_dbus_cb
Initial value:
= {
.dispatch = pcmk_dbus_watch_dispatch,
.destroy = pcmk_dbus_watch_destroy,

Definition at line 565 of file dbus.c.