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10.2. Clones - Resources That Can Have Multiple Active Instances

Clone resources are resources that can have more than one copy active at the same time. This allows you, for example, to run a copy of a daemon on every node. You can clone any primitive or group resource. [15]

10.2.1. Anonymous versus Unique Clones

A clone resource is configured to be either anonymous or globally unique.
Anonymous clones are the simplest. These behave completely identically everywhere they are running. Because of this, there can be only one instance of an anonymous clone active per node.
The instances of globally unique clones are distinct entities. All instances are launched identically, but one instance of the clone is not identical to any other instance, whether running on the same node or a different node. As an example, a cloned IP address can use special kernel functionality such that each instance handles a subset of requests for the same IP address.

[15] Of course, the service must support running multiple instances.