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2.5. Setup

2.5.1. Enable pcs Daemon

Before the cluster can be configured, the pcs daemon must be started and enabled to boot on startup on each node. This daemon works with the pcs cli command to manage syncing the corosync configuration across all the nodes in the cluster.
Start and enable the daemon by issuing the following commands on each node.
# systemctl start pcsd.service
# systemctl enable pcsd.service
Now we need a way for pcs to talk to itself on other nodes in the cluster. This is necessary in order to perform tasks such as syncing the corosync config, or starting/stopping the cluster on remote nodes
While pcs can be used locally without setting up these user accounts, this tutorial will make use of these remote access commands, so we will set a password for the hacluster user. Its probably best if password is consistent across all the nodes.
As root, run:
# passwd hacluster
Alternatively, to script this process or set the password on a different machine to the one you’re logged into, you can use the --stdin option for passwd:
# ssh pcmk-2 -- 'echo redhat1 | passwd --stdin hacluster'