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Cap. 15. Multi-Site Clusters and Tickets


15.1. Abstract
15.2. Challenges for Multi-Site Clusters
15.3. Conceptual Overview
15.3.1. Components and Concepts
15.4. Configuring Ticket Dependencies
15.5. Managing Multi-Site Clusters
15.5.1. Granting and Revoking Tickets Manually
15.5.2. Granting and Revoking Tickets via a Cluster Ticket Registry
15.5.3. General Management of Tickets
15.6. For more information

15.1. Abstract

Apart from local clusters, Pacemaker also supports multi-site clusters. That means you can have multiple, geographically dispersed sites with a local cluster each. Failover between these clusters can be coordinated by a higher level entity, the so-called CTR (Cluster Ticket Registry).