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Cap. 1. Citeşte-mă-Întâi-pe-Mine


1.1. Domeniul de Aplicare al acestui Document
1.2. Ce este Pacemaker?
1.3. Tipuri de Clustere Pacemaker
1.4. Arhitectura Pacemaker
1.4.1. Vedere Conceptuală a Stivei
1.4.2. Componente Interne

1.1. Domeniul de Aplicare al acestui Document

Scopul acestul document este să explice în mod definitiv conceptele folosite pentru a configura Pacemaker. Pentru a atinge acest lucru, se va concentra exclusiv pe sintaxa XML folosită pentru a configura CIB-ul.
For those that are allergic to XML, there exist several unified shells and GUIs for Pacemaker. However these tools will not be covered at all in this document [4] , precisely because they hide the XML.
Additionally, this document is NOT a step-by-step how-to guide for configuring a specific clustering scenario.
Although such guides exist, the purpose of this document is to provide an understanding of the building blocks that can be used to construct any type of Pacemaker cluster.

[4] I hope, however, that the concepts explained here make the functionality of these tools more easily understood.