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11.2. Utilization attributes

To configure the capacity a node provides and the resource’s requirements, use utilization attributes. You can name the utilization attributes according to your preferences and define as many name/value pairs as your configuration needs. However, the attribute’s values must be integers.
First, specify the capacities the nodes provide:
<node id="node1" type="normal" uname="node1">
  <utilization id="node1-utilization">
    <nvpair id="node1-utilization-cpu" name="cpu" value="2"/>
    <nvpair id="node1-utilization-memory" name="memory" value="2048"/>
<node id="node2" type="normal" uname="node2">
  <utilization id="node2-utilization">
    <nvpair id="node2-utilization-cpu" name="cpu" value="4"/>
    <nvpair id="node2-utilization-memory" name="memory" value="4096"/>
Then, specify the capacities the resources require:
<primitive id="rsc-small" class="ocf" provider="pacemaker" type="Dummy">
  <utilization id="rsc-small-utilization">
    <nvpair id="rsc-small-utilization-cpu" name="cpu" value="1"/>
    <nvpair id="rsc-small-utilization-memory" name="memory" value="1024"/>
<primitive id="rsc-medium" class="ocf" provider="pacemaker" type="Dummy">
  <utilization id="rsc-medium-utilization">
    <nvpair id="rsc-medium-utilization-cpu" name="cpu" value="2"/>
    <nvpair id="rsc-medium-utilization-memory" name="memory" value="2048"/>
<primitive id="rsc-large" class="ocf" provider="pacemaker" type="Dummy">
  <utilization id="rsc-large-utilization">
    <nvpair id="rsc-large-utilization-cpu" name="cpu" value="3"/>
    <nvpair id="rsc-large-utilization-memory" name="memory" value="3072"/>
A node is considered eligible for a resource if it has sufficient free capacity to satisfy the resource’s requirements. The nature of the required or provided capacities is completely irrelevant for Pacemaker, it just makes sure that all capacity requirements of a resource are satisfied before placing a resource to a node.