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6.7. Două Seturi de Resurse Neordonate

Two ordered sets

Fig. 6.2. Reprezentarea vizuală a ordinii de pornire pentru două seturi de resurse neordonate

Of course either set — or both sets — of resources can also be internally ordered (by setting sequential="true") and there is no limit to the number of sets that can be specified.

Exemplu 6.9. Utilizări avansate ale ordonării seturilor - Trei seturi ordonate, două din care sunt neordonate intern

    <rsc_order id="order-1">
      <resource_set id="ordered-set-1" sequential="false">
        <resource_ref id="A"/>
        <resource_ref id="B"/>
      <resource_set id="ordered-set-2" sequential="true">
        <resource_ref id="C"/>
        <resource_ref id="D"/>
      <resource_set id="ordered-set-3" sequential="false">
        <resource_ref id="E"/>
        <resource_ref id="F"/>