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1.4. Arhitectura Pacemaker

La cel mai înalt nivel, clusterul este compus din trei părţi:

1.4.1. Vedere Conceptuală a Stivei

Conceptual overview of the cluster stack

Fig. 1.4. Vederea conceptuală a stivei de cluster

When combined with Corosync, Pacemaker also supports popular open source cluster filesystems. footnote:[ Even though Pacemaker also supports Heartbeat, the filesystems need to use the stack for messaging and membership and Corosync seems to be what they’re standardizing on.
Technically it would be possible for them to support Heartbeat as well, however there seems little interest in this. ]
Due to recent standardization within the cluster filesystem community, they make use of a common distributed lock manager which makes use of Corosync for its messaging capabilities and Pacemaker for its membership (which nodes are up/down) and fencing services.
The Pacemaker stack when running on Corosync

Fig. 1.5. Stiva Pacemaker atunci când rulează pe Corosync