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15.5.3. General Management of Tickets

Display the information of tickets:
# crm_ticket --info
Or you can monitor them with:
# crm_mon --tickets
Display the rsc_ticket constraints that apply to a ticket:
# crm_ticket --ticket ticketA --constraints
When you want to do maintenance or manual switch-over of a ticket, the ticket could be revoked from the site for any reason, which would trigger the loss-policies. If loss-policy="fence", the dependent resources could not be gracefully stopped/demoted, and even, other unrelated resources could be impacted.
The proper way is making the ticket standby first with:
# crm_ticket --ticket ticketA --standby
Then the dependent resources will be stopped or demoted gracefully without triggering the loss-policies.
If you have finished the maintenance and want to activate the ticket again, you can run:
# crm_ticket --ticket ticketA --activate