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3.4. Câmpuri Menţinute de către Cluster

Tabel 3.3. Proprietăţi Menţinute de către Cluster

Câmp Descriere
Indicates when the configuration was last written to disk. Informational purposes only.
Indicates which cluster node is the current leader. Used by the cluster when placing resources and determining the order of some events.
Indicates if the cluster has quorum. If false, this may mean that the cluster cannot start resources or fence other nodes. See no-quorum-policy below.

Note that although these fields can be written to by the admin, in most cases the cluster will overwrite any values specified by the admin with the "correct" ones. To change the admin_epoch, for example, one would use:
# cibadmin --modify --crm_xml '<cib admin_epoch="42"/>'
Un set complet de câmpuri ar arăta ceva de genul acesta:

Exemplu 3.1. Un exemplu al câmpurilor setate pentru un obiect CIB

<cib have-quorum="true" validate-with="pacemaker-1.0"
  admin_epoch="1" epoch="12" num_updates="65"