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15.4. Configuring Ticket Dependencies

The rsc_ticket constraint lets you specify the resources depending on a certain ticket. Together with the constraint, you can set a loss-policy that defines what should happen to the respective resources if the ticket is revoked.
The attribute loss-policy can have the following values:
Fence the nodes that are running the relevant resources.
Stop the relevant resources.
Do nothing to the relevant resources.
Demote relevant resources that are running in master mode to slave mode.
An example to configure a rsc_ticket constraint:
<rsc_ticket id="rsc1-req-ticketA" rsc="rsc1" ticket="ticketA" loss-policy="fence"/>
This creates a constraint with the ID rsc1-req-ticketA. It defines that the resource rsc1 depends on ticketA and that the node running the resource should be fenced in case ticketA is revoked.
If resource rsc1 was a multi-state resource that can run in master or slave mode, you may want to configure that only rsc1's master mode depends on ticketA. With the following configuration, rsc1 will be demoted to slave mode if ticketA is revoked:
<rsc_ticket id="rsc1-req-ticketA" rsc="rsc1" rsc-role="Master" ticket="ticketA" loss-policy="demote"/>
You can create more rsc_ticket constraints to let multiple resources depend on the same ticket.
rsc_ticket also supports resource sets. So one can easily list all the resources in one rsc_ticket constraint. For example:
      <rsc_ticket id="resources-dep-ticketA" ticket="ticketA" loss-policy="fence">
        <resource_set id="resources-dep-ticketA-0" role="Started">
          <resource_ref id="rsc1"/>
          <resource_ref id="group1"/>
          <resource_ref id="clone1"/>
        <resource_set id="resources-dep-ticketA-1" role="Master">
          <resource_ref id="ms1"/>
In the example, there are two resource sets for listing the resources with different roles in one rsc_ticket constraint. There’s no dependency between the two resource sets. And there’s no dependency among the resources within a resource set. Each of the resources just depends on ticketA.
Referencing resource templates in rsc_ticket constraints, and even referencing them within resource sets, is also supported.
If you want other resources to depend on further tickets, create as many constraints as necessary with rsc_ticket.