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10.2.2. Clone Options

Options inherited from primitive resources: priority, target-role, is-managed

Tabel 10.3. Opţiuni de configurare specifice clonei

Câmp Descriere
How many copies of the resource to start. Defaults to the number of nodes in the cluster.
How many copies of the resource can be started on a single node; default 1.
When stopping or starting a copy of the clone, tell all the other copies beforehand and when the action was successful. Allowed values: false, true
Does each copy of the clone perform a different function? Allowed values: false, true
Should the copies be started in series (instead of in parallel). Allowed values: false, true
Changes the behavior of ordering constraints (between clones/masters) so that instances can start/stop as soon as their peer instance has (rather than waiting for every instance of the other clone has). Allowed values: false, true