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Pacemaker Development

Working with the Pacemaker Code Base

Edition 2

Written by the Pacemaker project contributors

Legal Notice

Copyright © 2016-2020 The Pacemaker project contributors.
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This document has guidelines and tips for developers interested in editing Pacemaker source code and submitting changes for inclusion in the project.

Table of Contents

1. Frequently Asked Questions
2. General Guidelines for All Languages
2.1. Copyright
3. C Coding Guidelines
3.1. Style Guidelines
3.1.1. C Boilerplate
3.1.2. Line Formatting
3.1.3. Pointers
3.1.4. Function Definitions
3.1.5. Control Statements (if, else, while, for, switch)
3.1.6. Operators
3.2. Best Practices
3.2.1. New Struct and Enum Members
3.2.2. Documentation
3.2.3. Symbol Naming
3.2.4. Memory Allocation
3.2.5. Logging
3.2.6. Regular Expressions
3.2.7. vim Settings
4. Python Coding Guidelines
4.1. Python Boilerplate
4.2. Python Compatibility
4.2.1. Python Future Imports
4.2.2. Other Python Compatibility Requirements
4.2.3. Python Usages to Avoid
4.3. Formatting Python Code
5. Evolution of the project
5.1. Foreword
5.2. Common ancestor: heartbeat project
5.2.1. Influence of heartbeat on Pacemaker
5.3. Notable Restructuring Steps in the Codebase
6. Advanced Hacking on the Project
6.1. Foreword
6.2. Debugging
6.3. Working with mocked daemons
A. Revision History

List of Examples

2.1. Copyright Notice Format