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4.2. Where Pacemaker Gets the Node Name

Traditionally, Pacemaker required nodes to be referred to by the value returned by uname -n. This can be problematic for services that require the uname -n to be a specific value (e.g. for a licence file).
This requirement has been relaxed for clusters using Corosync 2.0 or later. The name Pacemaker uses is:
  1. The value stored in corosync.conf under ring0_addr in the nodelist, if it does not contain an IP address; otherwise
  2. The value stored in corosync.conf under name in the nodelist; otherwise
  3. The value of uname -n
Pacemaker provides the crm_node -n command which displays the name used by a running cluster.
If a Corosync nodelist is used, crm_node --name-for-id number is also available to display the name used by the node with the corosync nodeid of number, for example: crm_node --name-for-id 2.