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Appendix D. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1-0Mon May 17 2010Andrew Beekhof
Import from
Revision 2-0Wed Sep 22 2010Raoul Scarazzini
Italian translation
Revision 3-0Wed Feb 9 2011Andrew Beekhof
Updated for Fedora 13
Revision 4-0Wed Oct 5 2011Andrew Beekhof
Update the GFS2 section to use CMAN
Revision 5-0Fri Feb 10 2012Andrew Beekhof
Generate docbook content from asciidoc sources
Revision 6-0Tues July 3 2012Andrew Beekhof
Updated for Fedora 17
Revision 7-0Fri Sept 14 2012David Vossel
Updated for pcs
Revision 8-0Mon Jan 05 2015Ken Gaillot
Updated for Fedora 21
Revision 8-1Thu Jan 08 2015Ken Gaillot
Minor corrections, plus use include file for intro
Revision 9-0Fri Aug 14 2015Ken Gaillot
Update for CentOS 7.1 and leaving firewalld/SELinux enabled
Revision 9-1Fri Jan 12 2018Ken Gaillot
Update for CentOS 7.4 with Pacemaker 1.1.16
Revision 9-2Wed Sep 5 2018Ken Gaillot
Update for CentOS 7.5 with Pacemaker 1.1.18