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A.4.3. Service Address

Users of the services provided by the cluster require an unchanging address with which to access it. Additionally, we cloned the address so it will be active on both nodes. An iptables rule (created as part of the resource agent) is used to ensure that each request only gets processed by one of the two clone instances. The additional meta options tell the cluster that we want two instances of the clone (one "request bucket" for each node) and that if one node fails, then the remaining node should hold both.
[root@pcmk-1 ~]# pcs resource show ClusterIP-clone
 Clone: ClusterIP-clone
  Meta Attrs: clone-max=2 clone-node-max=2 globally-unique=true
  Resource: ClusterIP (class=ocf provider=heartbeat type=IPaddr2)
   Attributes: cidr_netmask=32 ip= clusterip_hash=sourceip
   Meta Attrs: resource-stickiness=0
   Operations: monitor interval=30s (ClusterIP-monitor-interval-30s)
               start interval=0s timeout=20s (ClusterIP-start-interval-0s)
               stop interval=0s timeout=20s (ClusterIP-stop-interval-0s)