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Appendix B. Sample Corosync Configuration

Sample Corosync.conf for a two-node cluster
# Please read the Corosync.conf.5 manual page
compatibility: whitetank

totem {
    version: 2

    # How long before declaring a token lost (ms)
    token:     5000

    # How many token retransmits before forming a new configuration
    token_retransmits_before_loss_const: 10

    # How long to wait for join messages in the membership protocol (ms)
    join:      1000

    # How long to wait for consensus to be achieved before starting a new
    # round of membership configuration (ms)
    consensus:   6000

    # Turn off the virtual synchrony filter
    vsftype:    none

    # Number of messages that may be sent by one processor on receipt of the token
    max_messages:  20

    # Stagger sending the node join messages by 1..send_join ms
    send_join: 45

    # Limit generated nodeids to 31-bits (positive signed integers)
    clear_node_high_bit: yes

    # Disable encryption
    secauth:    off

    # How many threads to use for encryption/decryption
    threads:      0

    # Optionally assign a fixed node id (integer)
    # nodeid:     1234

    interface {
        ringnumber: 0

        # The following values need to be set based on your environment
        mcastport: 4000

logging {
    debug: off
    fileline: off
    to_syslog: yes
    to_stderr: off
    syslog_facility: daemon
    timestamp: on

amf {
    mode: disabled