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E.3. Rolling (node by node)

In this scenario each node is removed from the cluster, upgraded and then brought back online until all nodes are running the newest version.


This method is currently broken between Pacemaker 0.6.x and 1.0.x
Measures have been put into place to ensure rolling upgrades always work for versions after 1.0.0 If there is sufficient demand, the work to repair 0.6 -> 1.0 compatibility will be carried out. Otherwise, please try one of the other upgrade strategies. Detach/Reattach is a particularly good option for most people.

E.3.1. Procedure

On each node:
  1. Shutdown the cluster stack (Heartbeat or Corosync)
  2. Upgrade the Pacemaker software. This may also include upgrading the cluster stack and/or the underlying operating system.
    1. On the first node, check the configuration manually or with the crm_verify tool if available.
  3. Start the cluster stack. This must be the same type of cluster stack (Corosync or Heartbeat) that the rest of the cluster is using. Upgrading Corosync/Heartbeat may also be possible, please consult the documentation for those projects to see if the two versions will be compatible.
Repeat for each node in the cluster