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E.4. Disconnect and Reattach

A variant of a complete cluster shutdown, but the resources are left active and re-detected when the cluster is restarted.

E.4.1. Procedure

  1. Tell the cluster to stop managing services. This is required to allow the services to remain active after the cluster shuts down.
    crm_attribute -t crm_config -n is-managed-default -v false
  2. For any resource that has a value for is-managed, make sure it is set to false (so that the cluster will not stop it)
    crm_resource -t primitive -r <rsc_id> -p is-managed -v false
  3. On each node:
    1. Shutdown the cluster stack (Heartbeat or Corosync)
    2. Upgrade the cluster stack program - This may also include upgrading the underlying operating system.
  4. Check the configuration manually or with the crm_verify tool if available.
  5. On each node:
    1. Start the cluster stack. This can be either Corosync or Heartbeat and does not need to be the same as the previous cluster stack.
  6. Verify the cluster re-detected all resources correctly
  7. Allow the cluster to resume managing resources again
    crm_attribute -t crm_config -n is-managed-default -v true
  8. For any resource that has a value for is-managed reset it to true (so the cluster can recover the service if it fails) if desired
    crm_resource -t primitive -r <rsc_id> -p is-managed -v false