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8.5. Using Rules to Control Cluster Options

Controlling cluster options is achieved in much the same manner as specifying different resource options on different nodes.
The difference is that because they are cluster options, one cannot (or should not because they wont work) use attribute based expressions. The following example illustrates how to set a different resource-stickiness value during and outside of work hours. This allows resources to automatically move back to their most preferred hosts, but at a time that (in theory) does not interfere with business activities.
Example 8.12. Set resource-stickiness=INFINITY Mon-Fri between 9am and 6pm, and resource-stickiness=0 all other times

   <meta_attributes id="core-hours" score="2">
    <rule id="core-hour-rule" score="0">
      <date_expression id="nine-to-five-Mon-to-Fri" operation="date_spec">
        <date_spec id="nine-to-five-Mon-to-Fri-spec" hours="9-17" weekdays="1-5"/>
    <nvpair id="core-stickiness" name="resource-stickiness" value="INFINITY"/>
   <meta_attributes id="after-hours" score="1" >
    <nvpair id="after-stickiness" name="resource-stickiness" value="0"/>