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6.3. Specifying the Order Resources Should Start/Stop In

The way to specify the order in which resources should start is by creating rsc_order constraints.
Table 6.2. Properties of an Ordering Constraint
Field Description
id A unique name for the constraint
first The name of a resource that must be started before the then resource is allowed to.
then The name of a resource. This resource will start after the first resource.
score If greater than zero, the constraint is mandatory. Otherwise it is only a suggestion. Default value: INFINITY
symmetrical If true, which is the default, stop the resources in the reverse order. Default value: true

6.3.1. Mandatory Ordering

When the then resource cannot run without the first resource being active, one should use mandatory constraints. To specify a constraint is mandatory, use a scores greater than zero. This will ensure that the then resource will react when the first resource changes state.
  • If the first resource was running and is stopped, the then resource will also be stopped (if it is running)
  • If the first resource was not running and cannot be started, the then resource will be stopped (if it is running)
  • If the first resource is (re)started while the then resource is running, the then resource will be stopped and restarted