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5.4. Resource Options

Options are used by the cluster to decide how your resource should behave and can be easily set using the --meta option of the crm_resource command.
Table 5.2. Options for a Primitive Resource
Field Default Description
priority 0 If not all resources can be active, the cluster will stop lower priority resources in order to keep higher priority ones active.
target-role Started
What state should the cluster attempt to keep this resource in? Allowed values:
  • Stopped - Force the resource to
  • Started - Allow the resource to be started (In the case of multi-state resources, they will not promoted to master)
  • Master - Allow the resource to be started and, if appropriate, promoted
is-managed TRUE Is the cluster allowed to start and stop the resource? Allowed values: true, false
resource-stickiness Inherited How much does the resource prefer to stay where it is? Defaults to the value of resource-stickiness in the rsc_defaults section
migration-threshold 0 (disabled) How many failures should occur for this resource on a node before making the node ineligible to host this resource.
failure-timeout 0 (disabled) How many seconds to wait before acting as if the failure had not occurred (and potentially allowing the resource back to the node on which it failed.
multiple-active stop_start
What should the cluster do if it ever finds the resource active on more than one node. Allowed values:
  • block - mark the resource as unmanaged
  • stop_only - stop all active instances and leave them that way
  • stop_start - stop all active instances and start the resource in one location only

If you performed the following commands on the previous LSB Email resource
	crm_resource --meta --resource Email --set-parameter priority --property-value 100
	crm_resource --meta --resource Email --set-parameter multiple-active --property-value block
the resulting resource definition would be
Example 5.4. An LSB resource with cluster options

  <primitive id="Email" class="lsb" type="exim">
     <meta_attributes id="meta-email">
        <nvpair id="email-priority" name="priority" value="100"/>
        <nvpair id="email-active" name="multiple-active" value="block"/>