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4.4. Removing a Cluster Node

4.4.1. Corosync

Because the messaging and membership layers are the authoritative source for cluster nodes, deleting them from the CIB is not a reliable solution. First one must arrange for heartbeat to forget about the node (pcmk-1 in the example below).
On the host to be removed:
  1. Find and record the node's Corosync id: crm_node -i
  2. Stop the cluster: /etc/init.d/corosync stop
Next, from one of the remaining active cluster nodes:
  1. Tell the cluster to forget about the removed host: crm_node -R COROSYNC_ID
  2. Only now is it safe to delete the node from the CIB with:
    cibadmin --delete --obj_type nodes --crm_xml '<node uname="pcmk-1"/>'
    cibadmin --delete --obj_type status --crm_xml '<node_state uname="pcmk-1"/>'