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12.3.2. Complex Resource History Example

  <lrm_resource id="pingd:0" type="pingd" class="ocf" provider="pacemaker">
    <lrm_rsc_op id="pingd:0_monitor_30000" operation="monitor" call-id="34" rc-code="0" op-status="0" interval="30000" 
		crm-debug-origin="do_update_resource" crm_feature_set="3.0.1" 
		last-run="1239009741" last-rc-change="1239009741" exec-time="10" queue-time="0"/>
    <lrm_rsc_op id="pingd:0_stop_0" operation="stop" 
		crm-debug-origin="do_update_resource" crm_feature_set="3.0.1" call-id="32" rc-code="0" op-status="0" interval="0" 
		last-run="1239009741" last-rc-change="1239009741" exec-time="10" queue-time="0"/>
    <lrm_rsc_op id="pingd:0_start_0" operation="start" call-id="33" rc-code="0" op-status="0" interval="0" 
		crm-debug-origin="do_update_resource" crm_feature_set="3.0.1" 
		last-run="1239009741" last-rc-change="1239009741" exec-time="10" queue-time="0" />
    <lrm_rsc_op id="pingd:0_monitor_0" operation="monitor" call-id="3" rc-code="0" op-status="0" interval="0" 
		crm-debug-origin="do_update_resource" crm_feature_set="3.0.1" 
		last-run="1239008085" last-rc-change="1239008085" exec-time="20" queue-time="0"/>

Figure 12.5. Resource history of a pingd clone with multiple jobs

When more than one job record exists, it is important to first sort them by call-id before interpret them. Once sorted, the above example can be summarized as:
  1. A non-recurring monitor operation returning 7 (not running), with a call-id of 3
  2. A stop operation returning 0 (success), with a call-id of 32
  3. A start operation returning 0 (success), with a call-id of 33
  4. A recurring monitor returning 0 (success), with a call-id of 34
The cluster processes each job record to build up a picture of the resource's state. After the first and second entries, it is considered stopped and after the third it considered active. Based on the last operation, we can tell that the resource is currently active.
Additionally, from the presence of a stop operation with a lower call-id than that of the start operation, we can conclude that the resource has been restarted. Specifically this occurred as part of actions 11 and 31 of transition 11 from the crmd instance with the key 2668bbeb-06d5-40f9-936d-24cb7f87006a. This information can be helpful for locating the relevant section of the logs when looking for the source of a failure.