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10.2.2. Options

Options inherited from simple resources: priority, target-role, is-managed
Table 10.3. Clone specific configuration options
Field Description
clone-max How many copies of the resource to start. Defaults to the number of nodes in the cluster.
clone-node-max How many copies of the resource can be started on a single node. Defaults to 1.
notify When stopping or starting a copy of the clone, tell all the other copies beforehand and when the action was successful. Allowed values: true, false
globally-unique Does each copy of the clone perform a different function? Allowed values: true, false
ordered Should the copies be started in series (instead of in parallel). Allowed values: true, false
interleave Changes the behavior of ordering constraints (between clones/masters) so that instances can start/stop as soon as their peer instance has (rather than waiting for every instance of the other clone has). Allowed values: true, false