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6.2.2. Asymmetrical "Opt-In" Clusters

To create an opt-in cluster, start by preventing resources from running anywhere by default
crm_attribute --attr-name symmetric-cluster --attr-value false
Then start enabling nodes. The following fragment says that the web server prefers sles-1, the database prefers sles-2 and both can failover to sles-3 if their most preferred node fails.
Example 6.1. Example set of opt-in location constraints

    <rsc_location id="loc-1" rsc="Webserver" node="sles-1" score="200"/>
    <rsc_location id="loc-2" rsc="Webserver" node="sles-3" score="0"/>
    <rsc_location id="loc-3" rsc="Database" node="sles-2" score="200"/>
    <rsc_location id="loc-4" rsc="Database" node="sles-3" score="0"/>