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3.2.2. Querying and Setting Cluster Options

Cluster options can be queried and modified using the crm_attribute tool. To get the current value of cluster-delay, simply use:
crm_attribute --attr-name cluster-delay --get-value
which is more simply written as
crm_attribute --get-value -n cluster-delay
If a value is found, the you'll see a result such as this
  # crm_attribute --get-value -n cluster-delay
 name=cluster-delay value=60s
However if no value is found, the tool will display an error:
 # crm_attribute --get-value -n clusta-deway
 name=clusta-deway value=(null)
 Error performing operation: The object/attribute does not exist
To use a different value, eg. 30s, simply run:
crm_attribute --attr-name cluster-delay --attr-value 30s
To go back to the cluster's default value, you can then delete the value with:
crm_attribute --attr-name cluster-delay --delete-attr