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Please let us know which distribution you use for Pacemaker, fill out our usage poll.


Installation Channels

Vendor Packages

Pacemaker currently ships with Fedora (since 12), Red Hat Enterprise Linux (since 6.0 beta1), openSUSE (since 11.0), Debian (since "Squeeze"), Ubuntu LTS (since 10.4 "Lucid Lynx”) and as a key component of the High Availability Extension for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (available free of charge to existing SLES10 customers).

Upstream Packages

Binary packages are also available for current versions of RHEL and Fedora.

See our Install page for more information.

Building from Source

Pacemaker and its dependancies can also be easily compiled from source for all Linux based distributions and most BSD ones (Including MacOS X).

See our Install page for more information.

Current Releases

Supported Branches

Version Current Release First Released This Release Next Release
1.1 1.1.9 Jan 15, 2010 Mar 8, 2013 July 2013
1.0 1.0.13 Oct 9, 2008 Feb 13, 2013 As needed

Deprecated Branches

Version Last Release First Released Last Released
0.7 0.7.3 June 25, 2008 Sep 22, 2008
0.6 0.6.7 Jan 16, 2008 Dec 15, 2008

See Also: Releases

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