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10.4.2. Docker Properties

A bundle must contain exactly one <docker> element.
Before configuring a bundle in Pacemaker, the user must install Docker and supply a fully configured Docker image on every node allowed to run the bundle.
Pacemaker will create an implicit ocf:heartbeat:docker resource to manage a bundle’s Docker container.

Table 10.13. Properties of a Bundle’s Docker Element

Field Default Description
Docker image tag (required)
Value of masters if that is positive, else 1
A positive integer specifying the number of container instances to launch
A positive integer specifying the number of container instances allowed to run on a single node
A non-negative integer that, if positive, indicates that the containerized service should be treated as a multistate service, with this many replicas allowed to run the service in the master role
If specified, this will be passed to docker run as the network setting for the Docker container.
/usr/sbin/pacemaker_remoted if bundle contains a primitive, otherwise none
This command will be run inside the container when launching it ("PID 1"). If the bundle contains a primitive, this command must start pacemaker_remoted (but could, for example, be a script that does other stuff, too).
Extra command-line options to pass to docker run